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About Raleigh Wake FSU Alumni


In August 1972, a group of Broncos met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie and
Margaret Lockamy. They met to form the Raleigh-Wake Area Fayetteville State University Alumni Chapter.

Officers Present

First Chapter President - John Pettiford

1st Vice President - Rob Wilson

2nd Vice President - Lonnie L

Secretary - Varnell Harvey

Assistant Secretary - Lilthe Lewis

Parliamentarian - Reverend Joseph Kempsey

Other Members

Johnny Farmer
Louis Hagg
Barbara Jones
Mary Mallett
Beverly McClain
Catherleen Thomas
James Paige
Delores Wilder

The group met monthly at various homes and for dinner at the local YMCA Cafeteria.  They recruited new members, proposed a constitution, and elected Committee Chairs. Mr. Nehemiah Parker was present when the chapter signed its charter. Mr. Lockamy published the chapter news. For the first fundraiser, the FSU College Concert Choir performed at Enloe High School and raised money for scholarships.

The past presidents have contributed so much toward the growth of our beloved university by expanding membership, publishing newsletters and sponsoring fundraisers. The Chapter is still seeking to raise FSU to new and higher levels. Since the beginning the Raleigh-Wake Chapter has enhanced the presence of F.S.U. in the Raleigh-Wake area.

The Raleigh-Wake National Alumni Chapter has provided scholarships, as well as recruited new members and ambassadors in the association. The James Paige Alumni house was named after James McMillian Paige.  Mr. Paige is one of our members who has served on the trustee board and National Alumni Association President in 1996.  John Penix started the 1st brick wall at F.S.U. Mr. Penix is also one of our Raleigh Wake Alumni Chapter members.


John Pettiford
James Lacewell
Cornelia Cobb
John Penix
George Newkirk
Gloria Reid
Michael Hill
Michael Bryant
Wendell Anglin, Jr.

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